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Put it in your diaries - on the 9th-11th March, the teenagers are going away for the weekend!

There will be all kinds of games and activities. We'll have some of our favourites from Sunday nights, but also some completely new ones. There'll be great food too made for us by people from church, and Mike's really excited to have his friend Nick coming to teach us a little bit about Revelation - which means we get to look at a really exciting book of the bible (AND you don't have to listen to Mike for once...)

Of course, we'll be having the 2nd YWEA Hunger Games to see who will come out on top. And then we'll have things we can never do at Fish Tank because...well, let's just say there are no lakes at Fish Tank...

More details will folow - but for now just keep the 9th-11th March free!


Mike Pasquale, 05/01/2018