At ChristChurch Redbourn we collect different types of information about our members and attendees so that we can communicate about our activities, provide appropriate pastoral care, and fulfil our purposes as a church.

How is the information collected?

We collect information through the process of registration with the consent of those concerned. This is mainly done via our website, whilst, in the case of some of the group activities the information is collected on paper.

How is the information stored?

The website or church management system, is maintained by churchinsight and access to your own information on the system is via your personal password. Any information which is held in paper form will be kept in locked cabinets / cupboards.

Who will have access to the information?

Fundamentally, we will not divulge any individual's details (including email addresses) to any third party without your consent.
Specifically, with regard to the information held on the website, you have control over who is able to access specific items of information. By default your personal information will be visible to other authenticated users of the site. You can change these settings from your personal profile page.

How long do we keep the information?

We keep your personal information for only as long as is necessary to carry out our work or comply with legal and insurance requirements. Your details that are held on the website will be archived (for safeguarding purposes) once you have left the church, at which point you will be removed from any mailing lists.

What else you should know about privacy.

Under Data Protection legislation, you have the right to request access and to amend any information about you that we hold. To make a request for your personal information contact us via email. ( We undertake to respond in 30 days from the date of request.